Services and prices

Beauty treatments

Eyebrow wax
35 minutes£15 
Brows Wax & Tint with brow architecture
Brow shaping and tinting with MAYAMY Brow Henna
1 hour 15 minutes£45 
Brows Wax & Tint
Brow shaping and tinting with standard Brow Henna
40 minutes£15 
Upper Lip wax
15 min£8 
Chin Wax
15 min£8 

Facial treatments

Facial Treatments are customised to your skins needs. The duration of each treatment varies to make sure that every client leaves Beauty Workshop fully satisfied. During free consultation visit it will be decided which procedure is best for every client and individual treatement plan will be created for you.
Beauty Workshop uses wide range of chemical peelings for anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, firming, regenerating, intensively moisturizing, sebum regulating for oily, acne and normal skins results.

The price might slightly increase when combined procedure is conducted.

glycolic & mandelic peel£45
mandelic peel£45
lactobionic peel£45
pyruvic peel£45
lactic acid£45
ferulic acid£45
azelaic acid£45
Cavitation peeling£35
No needle mesotherapy facials£55
Corneotherapy (Dermaviduals products)£50
Facial Rejuvenation massage£30
Facial Rejuvenation massage with serum and mask£50
Microneedling (face and neck) – single session£120
Microneedling (face and neck) – 4 sessions£395

Final price will be discussed during initial consultation.

Permanent makeup

Consultation for semi- permanent makeup: free

Ombre Brows(touch up after 6 – 8 weeks included)£260
Soft ombre brows(touch up after 6 – 8 weeks included)£260
Shadow Ombre brows(touch up after 6 – 8 weeks included)£260
PMU lip liner£180
OMBRE Lips(volume effect)£260
Top or Bottom Lash Line – Subtle£170
Top & Bottom Lash Line – Subtle£260