About me

I am an engineer, beauty therapist, makeup artist and accredited permanent makeup specialist – having received recognised training in the UK and abroad. My passion for beauty leads me to continuously update my skills and understanding of beauty treatments through ongoing training. I hold many certificates recognized in the beautician field. I was trained by Olaf Tabaczynski, a world Master in the Professional makeup and styling industry, Marta Fusiarz, European Champion in permanent makeup, and Gaba Olearczyk, International PMU Champion. My mission is to deliver the greatest satisfaction to my clients, make them feel confident and beautiful.

Being a quality engineer, I had to pay attention to detail. This working experience cultivated my ability in understanding clients’ needs and strive for perfection to achieve high-quality results . I love working with colours to achieve natural results in permanent makeup procedures.

I am passionate about skin care and provide personalised treatments to achieve the best results. I have knowledge to identify the type of the skin you have. Accordingly, I can personalise the product for you to achieve the desired result.